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Icon Meme!

snagged from dreamybritactor !

Default icon:
This was made by chaotic4life and I loved it the first time I saw it. I was new to LJ back then (still kinda am) and I didn't know where to get icons. All I knew was that I love Clark and Ollie and this was just beautiful. So I had to make it my default. Because they are my OTP.

Oldest icon:
Yup, same one but I've deleted a lot of the older ones to make space for new ones. So this is the longest lasting icon I've had. No plans to delete it.

Newest icon:
I really liked this ... I found janine83, the one who made this icon, when I saw a similar used by someone. I checked their icons and located the user. I love Clark/Lois and the CW promos with Tom and Erica were just adorable.

Saddest icon:
I don't remember who made this but this icon breaks my heart. Tom Welling can do that when he cries. So yes, it needed to be there, even though I don't use it much.

Happiest icon:
This one was made by ainabarad_icons ... it's just so adorable. Definitely the happiest because Allison laughing was too adorable. I had a hard time picking with this one but I finally settled on this.

Angriest icon:
I don't really have any super angry icons but this is pretty close. I like the wording and Lois's expression. The two seem to fit. This was made by superheroine. :D

Cutest icon:
I definitely don't use this much ... it was made by reowza81205 but I love it so much. Thumper is too adorable for words.

Sexiest icon:
Do I really need words to explain this? It was made by superheroesrhot and "damn" is right. Wet, half naked Clark? Very sexy.

Most humorous icon:
I like the text on it. It was a tie between this on my "when did we become adults" one but this one won out. timepunching is responsible for the making of this particular icon.

Favorite ship icon:
I had to go with my boys. This icon was also made by chaotic4life and I love the expressions on Clark and Ollie's faces. Doesn't it just make you go "awww"? ;)

Favorite fandom icon:
I adore this icon so much. Two pretty boys and the little comic part in the middle is really pretty. This was made by carmendove and it's definitely one of my favorite icons.

Icon you use the most (beside default):
Definitely that one. I have a few I use a lot. My default icon is mostly used to reply to comments actually. But I use that smile one to reply to other people's posts. It's made by superheroesrhot. Clark just has such a beautiful smile.

Favorite overall:
I had to go with that one. It was made by scoopgrrrl and though it was tough, I really love the expression on Lois's face and how Clark's completely oblivious. At least that's how the icon makes it to be. Plus, Clois is &hearts

How many icons do you have?

If you could buy space for more, would you?
I have a permanent account ... can't go any higher.

Do your icons make a statement about you?
It shows my fandom interests so kind of? It's not all I am but it definitely describes a little about me and what I like.

What fandom do you have the most icons of?

The second most?
Bollywood, I believe.

What ship do you have the most icons of?
Clark/Oliver. They're OTP.

How do you categorize your icons?
I put the ship/character first and then a little detail to help me remember what the icon looked like.

Are your icons mostly made by other users?
If you couldn't tell by my above answers, they're ALL made by other users. I am hopeless when it comes to graphics so I rely on the beautiful work of other people. Besides, there are so many lovely icons out there and so many talented icon makers, a few of them on my flist, so I feel there's no need to try. ;)

Animated icons are ...
Awesome! I love them. Have a few actually.

In general, I think icons are ...
Lots of fun. They're really pretty to look at and I like matching my post with my icon.

This was a cool meme. It took quite a while, I admit but I enjoyed it. Feel free to snag! And let me know if you do. I love reading about people's icons. :D
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