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Sorry to keep spamming you all

But I have another meme. I swear, these things come all at once. :\


Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

htbthomas chose 7 for me:

1. anti-chlois: If you don't know what the Chlois theory is, it's the idea that Chloe is the true Lois Lane in Smallville. It's no secret I hate it. Why shouldn't I? I love Erica, I love her portrayal of Lois so yes, I think this one sucks. But why do I have it listed? Well, I had a stream of people friending me a while ago and I couldn't understand why. I really don't get why Chlois theorists would friend me. I mean, if they want to believe what they want, fine. Different strokes and all that. But Lois bashing is not what I want to see on my flist. There are people who do Chlois that don't Lois bash but with my experience, they're in the minority. That's why I put it on there ... so nobody gets any surprises.

2. c/o: That stands for Clark/Oliver and I don't think that really needs any explaining. They're my OTP.

3. la lakers: I love the NBA and the LA Lakers are my favorite team. I support them, even when they suck. ;) It's fun to be in LA now ... I'm finally in the right city to cheer on my team. Next year, I'm thinking about going to a game.

4. literati: That's the ship name for Rory & Jess on Gilmore Girls. I loved those two so much. They really were my favorite pair. Don't ask me where the name came from ... I'm not too sure. It probably has something to do with the fact they both love to read so much. :D I was so sad when they broke up and in my head, since the show left her single, I imagine that she met up with Jess and they got back together. ;)

5. shop: I like to shop. More window shopping than anything. Honestly, I hate trying on clothes. My mom had to drag me out, insisting I need them before I go. But just loafing around the mall with friends is fun. Especially for bags and shoes. ;)

6. tennis: The sport is cool. I don't really play sports but tennis is the one I love to watch. I'm a huge Roger Federer fan. :D

7. ucla: That's my school! I transferred there last fall and I love it so much. The campus is beautiful and my classes are great. Go Bruins!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this! Let me know if you want to play! :)
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