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A Lyrics Meme!

snagged from sarcastic_fina.

Put your iTunes on shuffle and for the first 20 songs that come up, list the first line. Post them and see how many of them your flist can get.

1. Take, take your time/Smell the roses, but don't steal the vines

2. I was blown away/What could I say "It's Not Over"- Daughtry; guessed by autumnrae89

3. Angel of mercy, how did you find me/where did you read my story

4. I'm American made but I like Chevrolet

5. I spent 20 years trying to get out of this place "Who Says You Can't Go Home"- Bon Jovi; guessed by divas_lament

6. You were my eyes when I couldn't see/you were my air when I couldn't breathe "Stolen"- Jay Sean; guessed by lonelyxlovers

7. Gone away, who knows where you've been

8. I wanted you to know that I love the way you laugh "Broken"- Evanescence & Seether; guessed by autumnrae89

9. Oh, why you look so sad "I'll Stand By You"- The Pretenders; guessed by divas_lament

10. I never knew, I never knew that everything was falling through "Over My Head"- The Fray; guessed by autumnrae89

11. Like I predicted, we're at the point of no return "What You're Made Of"- Lucie Silvas; guessed by shelly505

12. Well you done done me and you bet I felt it

13. Well if you ever plan to motor west/Travel my way, take the highway that's the best

14. I'm holding on your rope/Got me ten feet off the ground "Apologize"- OneRepublic; guessed by autumnrae89

15. I always needed time on my own/I never thought I'd, need you there when I cry "When You're Gone"- Avril Lavigne; guessed by autumnrae89

16. Don't know much about your life/Don't know much about your world

17. I'm gonna make you bend and break/It sends you to me without wait "Thanks for the memories"- Fall Out Boy; guessed by lonelyxlovers

18. When you feel all alone and the world has turned its back on you "Crash and Burn"- Savage Garden; guessed by beef_wonder3

19. Your subtleties/they strangle me "It Ends Tonight"- The All-American Rejects; guessed by lonelyxlovers

20. I've got a bad boy and that's alright with me

Have fun guessing!
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