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Fandom Squee

If you have been on my flist for a while, you know that sometimes, I like to bring up random conversation topics. And this is another one of those time.

Today's topic? Fandom squee and commenting ... if there's a line between sounding enthusiastic and coming off too strong, resulting in making the person receiving the comments uncomfortable.

One of my biggest fears is coming off too strong. When I like a fic/vid/art, I like to go on and on. If I like an author/vidder/artist, I tend to praise them to the skies. Though sometimes I wonder if I'm going too far.

I know I've never had comments that make me uncomfortable ... I like the squee and I find myself getting enthusiastic with the reviewer. But I'm sure there's a line for everyone. At one point, how much can you say thank you?

So I want to know where that line is. I have a lot of talented people on my flist so I wanted your opinions.

1. Have you ever gotten reviews that made you uncomfortable?
2. What do you feel is going too far, as far as comments?
3. Have there been people who have made you uncomfortable?
4. What do you do/say to those people/comments?
5. Any other thoughts?

You don't have to follow those guidelines exactly but I'm just offering a few questions to help the thought process. ;)

I'd really love to hear all your thoughts! And not just from the artists, vidders and writers ... everyone's thoughts are welcome.

Thanks so much!
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