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Ship Meme!

snagged from duskwillow

[1] List your top 7 character ships.
[2] Put all of them IN ORDER of your love for them. (7 to 1, 1 being my main fixation)
[3] Say which movie/show/thing it was that they're in.
[4] Supply photos for said people.
[5] Tag seven people!

7. Nathan/Haley (One Tree Hill)
Aww, these two are just adorable. They've been through a lot and yet, they're still together. Their son is so cute and I just love Naley. &hearts

6. Oliver/Chloe (Smallville)
What can I say? I read kdsch123's Metropolis Holiday fic and I fell in love. I never thought of Chlollie before that and I realized that it really worked. And I've never looked back. :D

5. Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls)
Their snark won me over. He reads and though Logan grew on me, I really believed he was the only one who could keep her happy. I loved him calling her out on dropping out of Yale ... that was awesome. Such a cute couple. :D

4. Peter/Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia)
The first time I saw them on screen, I was like "ooh, they're pretty together". When it comes to slash pairings, I have a blond/brunet thing going on and this one is no exception. After the movie, I immediately went searching for fics. :D

3. Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)
It took until the 6th book for me to start loving them but I fell and I fell hard. When Harry became more obsessed with Draco than quiddich, I was so excited. To my pleasant surprise, I found out there was tons of fic for them. Gotta love the H/D. Another one of my blond/brunet pairs. ;) They were also my first slash pairing and they will always hold a dear place in my heart.

2. Clark/Lois (Smallville)
I only began watching Smallville in s4. My sister saw it first and dragged me in. I loved Lois from the start and I watched past seasons too. While I really liked the Clex, Clois always came first to me. Erica had spunk and the flirting that was going on between Clark and Lois in s4 drew me in. And has kept me since.

1. Clark/Oliver (Smallville)
If you've been on my flist for a bit, you should know this. Clark/Ollie has been my main ship since I saw them interact in "Arrow". I first was thrilled at Ollie teasing Clois but as the episode progressed, I was all "Clark/Ollie?" To my major disappointment, despite the clear chemistry, there was a severe lack of fics. That's how I actually ended up joining fandom. So I could write them. I just love those two and I can't see that dying any time soon (even if writing frustrates me sometimes). :D (The two manips were made by ferdalump, just so you know)

I hope you enjoyed this! I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to snag! :D
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