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Gotta Love the Memes

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This is called the "alternative life meme" and basically you have to fill out the questions with fictional characters that come to your mind. Pick a different person for each answer. No repetitions! And I so deselected celebrity there because I think most of them suck.

1. The guy you would take to meet your parents:
Clark Kent ... he's so sweet, he'd charm anybody.

2. The one girl you would do:
Lois Lane- come on, she's hot. She's totally my girl crush. ;)

3. The guy you'd have sex with in your parents bed:
Bruce Wayne but I'm sorry ... my parents' bed is really off limits. That's just gross.

4. The girl you'd take to the mall:
Brooke Davis- Her outfits are totally adorable and she's a fashion designer! I think she has taste. ;)

5. Your male BFF:
Lucas Scott ... we can discuss books and he's such a sweetie to Haley. :D

6. Your female BFF:
Chloe Sullivan. She'd be so much fun!

7. Your gay BFF:
Jack from Will and Grace. He's so hysterical!

8. The guy who'd take you to prom:
Nathan Scott ... I know he acted like an ass but he was so adorable.

9. Your big brother:
Dean Forrester- totally sweet and overprotective. He was so good to his little sister on the show!

10. The guy you'd marry:
Oliver Queen.

11. The two guys you'd have a threesome with:
Clark Kent and Oliver Queen. Come on, who didn't see that coming?

12. The girl and guy you'd have a threesome with:
Lois Lane and Oliver Queen. ;)

13. The guy you'd go clubbing with:
Logan Huntzberger ... he looks like he knows how to have a good time. :D

14. The guy you'd have angry hot sex with:
Jess Mariano

This was fun ... you all should think about doing this one! :D
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