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New Spoilers!!

I found out through cloiser_trish that there were new spoilers.

For episode Toxic (8x03):

- Oliver's poisoning causes Lois to revisit her feelings for him as she visits him in the hospital.

For episode Instinct (8x04):

- It is very likely that Shelby the dog will be making a return appearance.
- After finding the letter, Jimmy asks Chloe why she's never said those things about him, and Chloe tells Jimmy that his insecurity about Clark is wearing thin.
- Chloe does some investigating for Clark to try and find out who Maxima is.
- Tess goes to an unexpected source for help in finding Lex.
- Maxima uses her powers to seduce Clark, and Lois walks in on them in an elevator.
- Clark offers Lois "her old room back" at the very empty Kent Farm.

Oliver/Lois was honestly the best relationship that SV ever wrote so I would be so sad if they drag it out and kill it. Their ending in "Siren" was perfect so I am crossing my fingers they don't screw it up. I would like them to be friends though and I can understand Lois's concern. Plus, who can resist that gorgeous blond anyway? ;)

As for Chloe and Jimmy, dude, I'm sick of his jealousy too. More proof they shouldn't be married.

I do think Clark offering Lois to move back in is &hearts and so sweet. I am dying to know how she'll react to Maxima hitting on Clark.

What do you guys think?
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