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Check this Out!

I saw this on ollieville and i thought it was really awesome.

Do you love Oliver Queen? Do you like to write about Oliver Queen? All you fanfic authors out there, put your imagination and your writing skills to the test.

tmelange, one the wonderful moderators of ollieville has decided to put a contest. Write a story, has to be at least 2500 words and the challenge is bringing Oliver into the upcoming season. It can be slash, het or gen.

Deadline to post is August 4th.

Interested? Go here:

I really encourage everyone to do this. If I can figure out something, I will definitely try it. There really aren't enough Oliver fics out there. Tell all your friends! Spread the word and if you know anyone who would be interested, send them over to ollieville and the link above.

Good luck to all of you that are going for it! :) Can't wait to read all the fantastic entires that I am hoping will be there.

Tags: character: oliver queen, contest, fandom: smallville
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