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First Line Meme

Cuz you know me and memes! ;)

Here's how this one works:

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

The most recent ones will be posted first. :D

1. After many an argument, Clark finally gave into Lois's wishes and agreed to give away all his flannel.
From: Unexpected Attachments. I'm okay with this line. It was a short ficlet I wrote and I was just seeing if I could still write.

2. When Clark announced his engagement to Lois at the end of the latest Justice League meeting, he was met with a round of cheers.
From: A Question, a Clark-Bart friendship ficlet I wrote for le_mouton for a meme. Again, it was short so I was just trying to get the point quickly. :)

3. Lois knew that Clark had a new cousin that was in town, had heard that she was staying with him.
From: A New Bond, a Lois-Kara first meeting ficlet. And I'm really shocked to find that I've only been posting ficlets lately. I really need to get back into the swing of things. :\ Nothing special about that line.

4. "This will be great!" Lois enthused as they entered the bar.
From: Easier to Be, another ficlet, this time, it's Clark/Lois friendship one, set post Apocalypse. Again, for one of those drabble a thon things. It's different because it starts out with dialogue, I suppose. Still not seeing any real pattern. I guess I'm not very good at this. ;)

5. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Lana Lang and Alexander Luthor …
From: What She Lost. Ahh, back into Clark/Ollie territory. That's familiar. ;) Still not sure of the comparisons though.

6. Milkshakes were their thing.
From: Their Place, a Chloe/Clark fic. Yeah, that was the summary so I'm going with that I just used it for my first line cuz I'm uncreative like that. :\

7. “Trust me, Clark, it’s for the best,” Martha assured her reluctant son.
From: In Love ... All Bets Are Off I used it from the first chapter because I wasn't sure if that was what the meme wanted me to do. It's my current WIP, a Clark/Ollie as usual, which hasn't been updated in a while. :D

8. If someone told Lois Lane that she would be where she was now, she probably would’ve insisted they be institutionalized.
From: Save The Best For Last, one of my few Clois fics.

9. Oliver crouched down, wiping the broken pieces of glass off the picture of his parents and him as a child.
From: One Night, a Clark/Oliver two parter, where I rewrote the end of "Siren". :D

10. “Don’t worry,” Clark told Lara, as they entered the penthouse in the Clock Tower.
From: A Mother's Intuition. A Clark/Oliver rewrite of "Blue". It was for my fanfic100 table.

11. “I’m being serious!” Clark protested to his giggling best friend. “I really need your help on this one, Chlo.”
From: We Belong Together, a Clois oneshot. I like to try some humor and have characters interacting sometimes. I guess that could be a pattern. I'm never impressed with the way I start my fics ... I just want to try to get the reader's attention. Beginnings and endings are not my favorite parts. :D

12. He was about to make his way back into the house when a roar of an engine caught his attention.
From: Words Left Unsaid, a Clark/Ollie fic for my table. :D A three parter, the second in a series.

13. Winter in Kansas was beautiful.
From: Snow, Surprises and Shelby, the first part to that Clark/Ollie series.

14. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way …
From: Someone's Watching Over Me, another Clark/Ollie. I'm not sure this one can fit in anywhere really. I guess it could fall into the quotes stage or something.

15. It had been raining that night.
From: Ease My Pain and when I say it's Clark/Ollie, you shouldn't be surprised. ;D This was a bit different because I have a tendency to start out with the current situation and then go backwards, with flashbacks or a summary of past events.

16. What a mess.
From: Miracles Happen, a Clark/Oliver two parter. I started out with Clark's thoughts and back to the whole beginning with the present situation and working backwards deal.

17. Clark Kent awoke to the sunlight streaming through his bedroom window and right into his eyes.
From: The World Shifts, a Clark/Ollie rewrite of "Wither". The first part, which is another series, is just a oneshot and I can't really think of anything special about this start or how it ties in. I tend to go for this type of beginning though. With the character doing something ... rather than a quote or thoughts. Does that make any sense? It's late ... that's my only excuse.

18. He met Chloe and was shocked to see a bunch of people already there, investigating.
From: A Twist of Fate. Again I went with the character doing an action start.

19. “So I guess this is goodbye for now,” Oliver told the other three members of his team.
From: Suddenly I See. I alternate between the quotes and the action scenes, depending what fits, I suppose.

20. “Finally finished,” Clark muttered, typing up the last words of his history paper.
From: Marriage, Misconceptions and Mayhem. I wasn't pleased with this beginning but then again, I wasn't too happy with this fic anyway. Yet, it follows my pattern of a quote or a action.

21. Oliver relaxed in a booth of an exclusive Italian restaurant, briefly glancing at his watch.
From: Forever and Always. Again, an action but nothing too big. Waking up, waiting to meet someone ... I tend to do that.

22. When the mail came that day, Clark had to stop himself from running to the door.
From: No Distance Too Great. The places where they start out are never too exciting.

23. Oliver Queen smiled as he felt the plane land on the runway.
From: Shut Up And Let Me Kiss You. One pattern I am noticing is that the main character of the fic shows up in the first line. The majority of the time, their name is mentioned.

24. Oliver made his way through the crowd, and entered The Talon.
From: Drawing Lines. Again, the main character's name is mentioned in the first line. In one shots, I tend to stick with one character's POV and that's the one I introduce. Sometimes I may go with two but the one who gets the majority of time usually ends up first.

25. Everything was supposed to be perfect this time around.
From: Come Undone. Sometimes, I like to go for vague.

I don't know how accurate this was because my major WIPs got left out because I couldn't go back to the start of those. However, some small patterns I noticed were, like I said, the character thing in the first few lines. Some people like to be vague with the situation, as a tactic to draw people in, but I can't do that.

Also, for one-shots, I tend to start out with the situation immediately. I have to delve into it because it isn't that long.

It's always someone saying something or a character doing a regular action, like waking up or waiting for someone. I have a tendency to explain the situation within the first few paragraphs but not immediately.

Anyway, that's really all I can come up with. If you actually read this, yay! I know it wasn't all that interesting and there weren't any deep conclusions. But if you have the time, do snag because I would love to see a side by side comparison of fics. That's the fun part. ;)
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