March 16th, 2007

tom welling amused

first entry, yay!

Wow, so this is my first post. I've read so many livejournal entries but I've always been too lazy to just start one. Oh well, no time like the present!

So I'm not exactly sure what to write and if anyone is reading this, they've probably given up by now. So maybe I'll start my rant because my family has all heard it and I doubt they want to hear it again. If you want to avoid spoilers for 6x16, "Promise", do not continue reading this post.

So Smallville, my favorite topic. WHO saw last night's episode? Anyone who is a lana fan should probably be leaving right now because I am a lana-hater. Or at least what she has become. She used to be cute but now she is just playing with Clark's heart and that is just not acceptable.

So Lexana are finally married. It's about time. Clark needs to move on with his life. The Clana stage has passed. Let's move on people.