June 11th, 2007

tom welling amused

random rants

Midterms suck. That's what I've decided. I had one today and it went well but that's really not the point. At least it will be the last one this quarter. A few weeks and I have finals. And the quarter is over! Thus ending my two year run at my current college. Now to transfer- I'm really excited and kind of nervous at the same time.

I mean, a new school . . . not sure how I feel about that. LA should be exciting though. I have a friend who goes there so she'll help me settle in. And the school provides one year of housing. I don't know if I would be as inclined to go if I had to look for housing too. Especially this late, it would be difficult to find good housing, or at least somewhere close to campus.

This is a random, out of place entry but I am feeling random today. Just wanted to rant somewhere and this seemed like a good place. Just for my own amusement. ;) Have you ever kept a diary when you were younger and gone back to see what you wrote and was like "what was i thinking?" I used to keep a diary but I was never consistant- I guess I didn't have enough patience for it. :D

I really should be working on my latest story . . . that would be a better use of my time. I think I like this one. Recently I've made a decision on "It's Not Over". I doubt it will bother anyone but I'm just saying it right now so if anyone asks later, I can say that I did announce it. I'm not continuing the story. It just kind of died for me- I'm really not feeling any inspiration to write it and every time I try, I'm falling flat.

So thanks to everyone who so nicely read & reviewed it but I won't be finishing it. I hate leaving stories unfinished but I figured it's just best to make a decision now and end it. :)

And there is the end of my rant. Hope everyone is having a nice Monday (i know, when are mondays ever nice?) and enjoy the rest of the week! :D
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