September 5th, 2007

oq in hydro

sounded pretty cool

I was perusing through the latest issue of sv_ledger when I found this post! heidi8 has referred a friending meme by wendy that is here (i think it's pretty cool . . . beware those who friend me, i might ask you stuff now). *watches as her flist simultaneously unfriends her. :\ oh well. The original friending meme is here but heidi8 made her own, which deals with the upcoming fall season. Her post is here but I'm pimping it on my lj too! So take a few minutes and let me know what you're excited about. Or do it there and tell me you did so i can see your answers.

Hi! My name is:
(LJ username)
You can also find me at: (usernames on IJ, GJ. MySpace, JF, other websites, etc)
This season, I'm looking forward to these new shows:
This season, I'm planning on continuing to watch:
My favorite episode(s) from last season on those shows is/are:
My favorite character(s)/pairing(s) from last season on those shows is/are:
If I had to recommend two shows from last season that are coming back this year, they'd be:
If I had to recommend two shows that aren't airing anymore but which can be obtained via DVD or (ideally legal) download, they'd be:
I will absolutely never watch... (Either something that's already on, or something that's starting this fall)
I'd like to pimp the community/communities at:
I also... (read fic, write fic, rec fic, create fanart, enjoy fanart, rec fanart, create fan crafts, create vids, create fanfilms, watch vids, watch fanfilms, read meta, create meta, etc)
In my LJ, I also talk about...
My journal is: (work-safe, work-safe outside of cuts, not work-safe)
You also should know that I.... (anything else you want to say)
ETA: What's your favorite TV show theme song of all time?

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