September 11th, 2007

tom welling amused

A good resource

The other day I was on wikipedia. With Smallville beginning in approximately  two and a  half weeks, there are rumors circulating that the way to defeat Bizarro is with blue kryptonite. So I decided to search wikipedia on kryptonite. Just to see how many types there were.

I had no idea there were so many types of kryptonite, even ones that can affect non-Kryptonians! Here's the entry:

There are so many stories waiting to be written. ;) *hint hint my lovely flist*

The funniest one of course was this particular type of kryptonite. I laughed and laughed and I hope you find it funny too.

Pink Kryptonite-

"From an alternate timeline in a 2003 Supergirl storyline by Peter David, this bizarre variety of Kryptonite apparently turned heterosexual Kryptonians temporarily into homosexuals; it was seen in just one panel, with Superman giving flattering compliments to Jimmy Olsen about his wardrobe and decorative sense. It spoofs the more "innocent times" of the Silver Age (Lois Lane is depicted in this story as not understanding what's gotten into Superman).[3]

See? Wasn't that at least a little entertaining.  :) Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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tom welling amused

summer mix

Snagged from prerogativ2315

This sounded fun and as you know, I'm easily amused. It was hard picking just 7 but I decided 'why not'? :) 

List your favorite 7 songs of the moment. No matter their genre, if they have lyrics or not, or if they downright suck, as long as they're your favorite songs right now and that they're the soundtrack of your summer.

1. “Look After You”- The Fray

2. “Center of Attention”- Jackson Waters

3. “Stolen”- Dashboard Confessional

4. “What You’re Made Of”- Lucie Silvas

5. “4 in the Morning”- Gwen Stefani

6. “Hear Me”- Kelly Clarkson

7. “Patience”- Take That

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