October 2nd, 2007

clark & ollie OTP

Day 1 of Clark/Oliver week

I was surprised that I got feedback about my pairings month. I'm really flattered that people are interested. So here we are!

As you all remember, this is Clark/Oliver week! Today is the background day. A little bit about the boys, about why we (or at least I) love them, together and apart. And to conclude this lovely post, I have made a list of my personal favorite Clark/Oliver fics. There are a good number and don't be offended if yours is not there. I love all the Clark/Oliver fics I put on my list. These are just some I love more than others.

So why don't I stop blabbing and begin! I hope you all enjoy this!

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tom welling amused

Forever May Not Be Long Enough Chapter 8

Thanks to everyone who is still sticking with me on this story! I really appreciate it. Enjoy the new chapter and let me know what you think! :)

Story: Forever May Not Be Long Enough
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Chloe/Jimmy, mentions of past Clana, Lexana & Lollie
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 7 (parts of it is true, others I made up)
Summary: After graduation, Clark knows he needs to go for his training and it causes him to make some tough choices.
Previous Chapters: Here

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