October 9th, 2007

tom welling amused

Week 2 Pairing

Okay, it's time to announce my week 2 pairing. My week 2 pairing, which will last from Tuesday, October 9- Monday, October 15 will be  *drum roll* . . . Clark & Lois, also known as Clois. Yay!

Now it's time for me to go to bed, but you'll see my first post on them tomorrow!
tom welling amused

Day 1 of Clark/Lois Week

Week 2 is here and it is Clark/Lois week. 7 days of that lovely ship known as Clois.

As most of you know (or should by now), my OTP is Collie. But before Oliver Queen came to Smallville, a spunky brunette whose name we all recognized arrived in Season 4. Tom and Erica's chemistry made me a Clois fan from the moment I saw her. :)

Today, we shall start off the week with something a little different. I want to share with you my favorite videos of Clois. Note episode scenes, just fan made videos. :) Enjoy!

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tom welling amused

Late Review of "Kara"

I am sorry, I know it is way late but I didn't get around to watching the entire episode until yesterday. If any of you remember my complaining last Thursday, I was in the middle of watching the show and that's when the idiots in my residence building decided to have a fire drill. I missed the entire second half of the show!

But I finally watched it. Thank you mssullivan who was so prompt in finding me a site where i could download it! You're completely awesome! :)

So here are my thoughts, if anyone still cares.

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