October 13th, 2007

clark & ollie OTP

clark/ollie love?

Do you realize that there isn't any community dedicated to clark & oliver? There is even a jason/clark community. It's called jason_clark. granted, there is two entries and hasn't been updated in months but it's still there.

ollieville is my favorite place in the entire world but i kind of wish there was a clark/ollie community.

am i crazy? or would any one else be interested too?
tom welling amused

pairings month

I hate to say this but I'm going to stop pairings month. Honestly, I don't have it within me to continue. I just wanted to let anyone who cared know. :)

Maybe I'll give it a shot some other time, when I have more free time. But not now. Thanks to everyone who has been following me with this. :D

Have a great weekend!