January 6th, 2008

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Reccing some great fics

I've decided to make a list of good fics I've read in the past couple of days.

Granite by tobywolf13- This story is made of win. It was written for absolut_chloe's "Forever Chloe" challenge. It has a side of Clois and her Chloe is just spot on. So beautifully written that if you're a Chloe fan, you have to read it. If you're not on her friends list, you can't comment right on the post but you can give feedback to the entry on absolut_chloe. And if you liked it, give feedback! :)

Amorous by sarcastic_fina- This is a Chloe/Oliver fic that is out of this world. Her Chloe/Oliver stories are always wonderful but this one is more light hearted than her other angsts, which are fantastic too but this one especially makes me happy. She writes the Chloe/Oliver dialog well and there is plenty of interaction with the Justice Boys. Definitely worth a read. It's a WIP but she's doing a great job in updating and it's worth the wait.

It's Your Birthday, Lois Lane by htbthomas- A oneshot Clois fic that I read today. Clark finds out it's Lois' birthday from Chloe. It's a fun story that puts a smile on the face of any Clois lover.

Uprising Evolution by divas_lament- It follows the prequel, Do You Even Have to Ask. Both Clois and Chlollie ... what more can a girl ask for? It's a Justice League fic, with the boys and everyone's favorite Watchtower trying to take down Lex. Plus a Clois wedding? There's lots of fun JL banter as well as Chloe/Oliver fun. It's a WIP but she updates almost every day!

Enjoy guys and remember to give the authors feedback!
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I don't know why I even bother

I always considered fandom and LJ a safe haven ... a place where fans can just love each other. For the first few months when I was on LJ, it certainly seemed that way. But lately ... lately, it seems so drama filled ... where ships are more important than just the love of the show.

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