April 27th, 2008

tom welling amused

Cuz Memes Rule!

Fic Meme:

I'm going to list 20 characters (10 Male and 10 Female). Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to pick two of the characters and give me a prompt (line of dialogue, song lyric, quote, whatever). I will attempt to write something where the two interact. No guarantees on how long it will take me, but I absolutely promise to write something (though no guarantees on quality either) for each and every prompt. Feel free to make more than one request.

1. Clark Kent (Smallville)
2. Oliver Queen (Smallville)
3. Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)
4. Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
5. Lex Luthor (Smallville)
6. Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls)
7. Jess Mariano (Gilmore Girls)
8. Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)
9. Bart Allen (Smallville)
10. Jonathan Kent (Smallville)
11. Lois Lane (Smallville)
12. Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
13. Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)
14. Kara Zor-El (Smallville)
15. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
16. Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill)
17. Lana Lang (Smallville)
18. Martha Kent (Smallville)
19. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
20. Paris Gellar (Gilmore Girls)

Note: I reserve the right to turn down requests because there are pairings I just don't do. Namely Clana, Lana/Ollie, Lex/Ollie, Bart/Ollie, Lois/Jimmy, Lois/Lex & Clex. Everything else ... ask and I'll let you know.