June 10th, 2008

tom welling amused

Day 1 Round Up

Hey everyone! These are all the entries that were posted Monday, June 9th that are Lois centered. Some were specifically for Lois Love week but I'm also gathering whatever Lois stuff is posted during the day. If any of the people who are posting stuff don't want their material linked, please PM and let me know.

ferdalump posted a Lois/Erica picspam.

penumbra posted Lois/Erica icons.

svgurl posted a Lois Lane fanmix.

clois_news posted their first issue.

Thanks to everyone who helped start of the week! Hopefully we'll get more entries as the week goes on!
tom welling amused

Stupid YouTube ...

Or most likely, my stupid computer. The videos won't play! Not on the site or embedded into people's LJ. I don't get it.

Has anyone else had that problem and know what might've caused it?

EDIT: Yay for the all knowing ferdalump! It works now!
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Day 2 of Lois Love Week

For Day 2, I decided to make a post of all the Lois fanvids that I really enjoyed. Some of them are shippery, some are not. But there are a lot of great ones so here are a few of my favorites! If they have an LJ username, I put that first and link to their YouTube accounts in the parantheses.


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