June 12th, 2008

tom welling amused

Day 3 Round Up

We've just completed Day 3 of Lois Love week and I'm pleased to say it's still great! I ♥ you all for being so enthusiastic about this! I've said this before but I'm just repeating myself because it's relevant. Some of these posts may not have been made specifically for Lois Love Week but if it has Lois, I include it. If the makers have any issues, please feel free to privately message me and I'll remove the content.


chaotic4life posts a SV!Clark & Lois wallpaper + SVClark/Oliver/Lois wallpaper.
cloiser_trish posts SV!Lois icons.
ferdalump posts SV!Lois icons.


20 Random Facts About Lois Lane (times two) (Clark/Lois, R, Superman Returns, 'Aftermath' universe) by saavikam77
Lost And Found (Clark/Lois, G, WIP, Smallville) by autumnrae89
Red Hot Peaches (Clark/Lois, PG-13, Smallville) by ferdalump


krazykikikiari announces Operation Pulitzer, a campaign to get Lois Lane in more episodes for Smallville Season 8.


starry_dawn posts her Top 10 SV!Lois Moments.

Another great day indeed guys! I hope you all enjoyed today's entries. Remember, if you liked it, please leave feedback!