June 15th, 2008

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Day 5 & 6 Round Up

Once again, I apologize for the delay! I had to combine the two because if I wanted this out in a timely fashion, it was for the best. If I missed anything, I'm sorry ... please leave a comment and let me know and I'll add it. Some of this stuff may not have been made for Lois Love week. If the makers have objections, please privately message me and I'll remove the content.

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Wow, that was great! I'm so glad to see how successful this has been! This is all thanks to all of you and your enthusiasm! So thank you for your hard work! And this is the last day so if you want to contribute something, now is the time!

Thanks again everyone! I hope you enjoy the past two days' work and do leave comments for the people. I myself have to go back and play catch up. ;) Enjoy!
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Not the End

Yay! My Lakers survived to see another day. It was quite a stressful game for me, considering the fact that they insisted on blowing their leads constantly. Two technicals in one quarter is not a good thing guys!

But I really didn't want to see them lose at home. Plus, the last time they were in the finals in 2004, they lost to the Detroit Pistons 4-1. We don't need a repeat performance, thanks. :\

Especially after that disgusting disaster in Game 4 with that huge lead they blew. :(

At least they won today, 103-98. I didn't even let my dad watch the game because I was convinced he was bad luck! LOL! Poor dad. On Father's Day too. I'm horrible. But he didn't care. ;)

Now it's back to Boston.

I'm a realistic LA Lakers fan ... I'm rooting for my team through and through but with the way they're struggling, it's not looking good.

Don't get me wrong ... I still want to see them win it all. Though if they lose, I'll be sad but I won't be super surprised. They're a young team. I predict a strong future for them! 

While keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining games.

A girl can dream! ;). 
lois and lois

There was only ten minutes left ...

And Lois Love Week was going so well too!

Then this happened.

God I really hoped it is the bad advice of her agents or something. I mean, I love Erica ... I adore her but lead actress? When you're in 13 episodes in a regular season and 12 in the last one? *cringes* Not the best plan.

However, some of those comments are more than a little harsh. :\ People just look for any reason to bash her, don't they? I think she's a good actress!

This just may be a little too much though.