June 17th, 2008

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Quiz Time!

What the House Test Says About You

You consider yourself important, but no more important than anyone else. You love attention, but you don't feel like you deserve more of it than anyone else.

You aren't against being community oriented, but it's not really your thing. You tend to prefer to focus on your family and not the neighborhood around you.

You are a playful, charming, and seductive person. People feel instantly close to you.

You take good care of your physical appearance. You dress well, stay in shape, and do your best to look great.

You are moved by romance and love. You are optimistic about people, and you love hearing about happy endings.

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And It's Over

My poor Lakers lost the NBA Championships today. In fact, they got killed. Massacred. At least they lost in Boston instead of at home but they lost 131-92.

In fact, they set a new record. They broke the previous one of a 33-pt loss that was set by ... wait for it ... the Boston Celtics when they beat the Lakers in 1965.

*sighs* I knew it'd come to this but it was still a little sad. I watched parts of the game but it was difficult.

In my Lakers defense, Bynum wasn't there and so they didn't have a solid center. Turiaf is okay, as far as backups go, but I prefer Bynum.

Oh well, another year goes by. I'm really impressed with how the Lakers are shaping up as a team so I think that next year, when Bynum comes back, they can go all the way.

Plus, I have a soft spot for KG and I really thought he deserved a championship ring.

So congratulations to the Boston Celtics, the 2008 NBA Championships. It was well deserved. (and bradygirl_12, I know you're happy! *hugs* I felt bad for your team's SB loss so I hope this kinda cheers you up!).

But my Lakers will be back next year. I shall be in LA and this time, I will actually make the trip to the Staples Center and see a game. :D