July 8th, 2008

tom welling amused

Porn Battle!!

wisteria_ is running a Porn Battle and is accepting prompts until 11:59 PM EST tonight. You can write fics from July 10-24th.

Check it out here!

All types of prompts are accepted- het, slash, threesomes.

So go submit some. I know I am! :) A lot of great SV prompts are already listed!
tom welling amused

A Question

Okay, a question to my flist. As some of you know, I switched from a PC to a Mac. In the process, I had to get a different version of AIM. In the version I had on my PC, I could link screen names so I could be signed onto multiple accounts at the same time. I don't know if I could do it with the Mac version, because it seems to be an earlier dated AIM.

At least I don't think I can. Does anyone have Macs that use AIM that could help me find out if I can?

I hope that made a little bit of sense. :\

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! I hope you're all doing well!

EDIT: Thanks to clarkoholic & kassandrajones, I figured it out! My flist rocks! :D
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