July 10th, 2008

tom welling amused

Introducing ... olliesqueens

If you didn't hear, ollieville recently went slash only. So where does all the het and gen fic go? Well, there is chlollie for the Chloe/Ollie shippers and a few other Ollie specific comms, like emerald_arrows.

But justforspite came up with olliesqueens, a community for Oliver Queen het and gen fic!

However, she's quite busy and she didn't want to mod it at the moment. enderwiggin24 saw her post where she asked for someone to volunteer to take it off her hands and she e-mailed me, when she saw I showed interest in the same post. The result? We are co-modding the comm!

We're still setting things up but if you're interested, join!

olliesqueens olliesqueens olliesqueens olliesqueens olliesqueens

Oh, and does anyone know where I can find some Oliver headers? I'd really appreciate any suggestions!