July 18th, 2008

tom welling amused

Femmeslash Porn Battle Open!

shananagin has opened the DCU Femmeslash Porn Battle for submissions!

There are a lot of great prompts there ... SV, DCU & some crossovers too!

Go check it out!

It's running until August 1st so there's plenty of time to think up something.

Just remember, leave a comment if you want to submit something but if you want to reply to someone else's drabble, reply to the comment, not to the post.
clark/bruce heroes

The Dark Knight

So, as most of you know, I went to see the midnight screening of The Dark Knight. I went with my sister and we arrived at 9:30. Should've gotten there earlier but we're stupid, you see. There was already a long line. Our theater was playing ten shows and they started letting people in around 10:40. We got decent seats and we definitely weren't in the bottom so that was good.

I hate when people save seats though. It's so annoying! Especially this one guy who was holding these two seats forever! His friends showed up, like, ten minutes before the movie. Selfish jerks. :\

Anyway, back to the movie! It was absolutely awesome!!!

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