August 3rd, 2008

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Fic Recs

I'm back with more recs! Enjoy!

1. When You Leave (Clark/Oliver, Clark/Lois/Oliver, G) by autumnrae89 -This was really sad yet wonderful. It's for the first round of the BiWeekly challenge over at smallville_ot3 and I loved it to pieces. She manages to convey great emotions with such few words. It's a drabble so it won't take much of your time but definitely worth the read!

2. Nor The Rain (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, SV/DCU) by romanyg- I always adore her Clark/Bruce fics and this one is no exception. In this one, her Bruce is so wonderfully vulnerable and her Clark is fantastic. Plus, there's Alfred, who is always made of win! Go check it out!

3. The Meeting (Chloe, Dean, PG-13) by divas_lament- This is set pre-Spawn Verse, and it details Chloe and Dean's first meeting. I love that verse and I love this fic. The dialogue is perfect and it's a fun read for sure.

4. There Was a Time When She Didn't Love Him (Clark/Lois, unrated) by melissa_pbfan- Married Clois FTW! This was a cute oneshot and it just made me smile. She just proved why Clark and Lois fit and stayed true to their characters.

5. Conversations III: Alfred (Clark/Bruce, PG, SV/Batman Begins, sequel) by northernwalker- follows Conversations I: Bruce and Clark and Conversations II: Diana, though there are two fics you should read before, which is linked in the first piece. It may seem like a lot but this series is fabulous. Her Clark and Bruce are just so perfect for each other. I love the Conversations series because it has the Clark/Bruce from other POVs. More characters are coming and I'm definitely excited!

6. Red (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by shadowglove88- The premise is that Clark takes red k so he can admit his feelings to Lois and it's just perfect. Her Clark and Lois are just too awesome ... I adore her Lois ... just as blunt and unapologetic as I imagine her to be. If you like Clois, you'll like this.

7. Snooping (Clark/Lois, Chloe/Bruce, PG-13, sequel) by shadowglove88- This is the sequel to "Red" (listed above) and it was fabulous. The Clois interactions remain amusing and I love the way she portrays their relationship. Very awesome!

8. Heart's Desire (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, AU, completed WIP) by bradygirl_12- If you're in the mood for a wonderful Clark/Bruce fic, she's the one to turn to. This is an AU, where Prince Kal-El is put under a spell and Bruce comes to save him. I love fairytale fics and this one is marvelous. Dick is there too and he's just too adorable! Happy endings are a must and she always delivers so if you want to put a smile on your face, this will do the trick.

I hope you like the recs! Leave comments for the authors if you enjoy their fics! Have a great week everyone!
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Quiz Time!

Your result for The Heart Test...

Heart of Gold

You are 70% Independent, 70% Idealistic, 80% Intimate, and 60% Indulgent!

The Heart of Gold

Independent, Idealistic, Intimate, Indulgent

You are the most loving of hearts, the Heart of Gold. You possess all the most loving qualities, intimacy, the desire for closeness, and an idealistic view of love. At the same time, you are not bound by love, and so stand on tall on your own. You know you will find love and aren't worried about not acquiring it - it is only a matter of time, and you are happy in the meantime waiting. You are the purest of all hearts, loving and self-assured, as complete and whole as a heart can be.

Matches for the Heart of Gold:

The Slave to Emotions

The Slave to Emotions values all your ideals of love, but is more dependent on it than you are. This if okay for you, because though you're independent, you also want to be loved and being loved so much makes you happy. The Slave will definitely appreciate you for loving them, and you will appreciate them in the same way, making for a very strong match.

The Heart on Sleeve

The Heart on Sleeve is idealistic and intimate, just as you, but desire love and is more prone to want conflict. But being the loving type that you are, you can put up with this,k as you know their true nature, and will come to respect them for not holding back their true emotions.

Your exact opposite is Soldier of Fortune.

Avoid Realists, who may not live up to your ideal standards, and perhaps Explicits if they do not live up to your ideals of love, but there are few types you don't get along well with.

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