August 14th, 2008

tom welling amused

A Lovely Quiz

I'm a Lamborghini Murcielago!

You're not subtle, but you don't want to be. Fast, loud, and dramatic, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way. In a world full of sheep, you're a raging bull.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

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tom welling amused

Some Good Things to Read

I usually like to come up with a rec list when I have bookmarked enough fics to make one. Since I have, I am going to share it with all of you! Enjoy! :D

1. Flat Tires (Chloe, Bruce, PG-13) by divas_lament- Chloe gets a flat tire and ends up running into Bruce Wayne is the premise. I love her dialgoue and I laughed when Chloe let out her inner bitch. A great fic by her, which is nothing less than what I've come to expect.

2. In Darkness We Find Truth (Bruce/Lois, Bruce/Rachel, R, SV/The Dark Knight) by autumnrae89- I love her Lois and her Bruce is just wonderful. Their relationship is written well and I really loved this fic.

3. Beginnings (Lex/Chloe, R) by abvj- This is set between seasons 3 and 4 and is going to be the first piece in a Missing Pieces Universe. I always enjoy her Chloe and her Lex ... they just fit. A must read for Chlex fans. :D

4. Ringtone (Clark/Lois, G) by leonhart_17- Clark/Lois, references to "Exposed" and a confused Oliver? How much more does anyone need? This was a very cute oneshot and it makes me giggle. Clois is &hearts

5. Wardrobe Malfunction (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13) by divas_lament- Oliver returns to Metropolis and is met with a pleasant surprise ... that's her summary. If the title doesn't grab you, I'm telling you it should. It's very amusing ... I've missed her Chlollie and she really came back with a bang. A fun read for sure.

6. Cinderella (Clark/Bruce, G) by felonazcorp- This one is from Clark's POV and he's noticing how Bruce has been avoiding him, coming up with theories of his own. It really is heartbreaking. I want to give Clark a hug here. But it's wonderful. The emotions are written perfectly and I enjoyed it.

7. Hospital Waiting Room Riot (Chloe, Clark, Dean, Lois, Sam, Oliver, unrated, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- I know I'm recc'ing her a lot in this post but what can I say? I'm here to give you good fic and she writes it. So, who misses the Chlo-Lo? *raises hand* This is a wonderful piece with a kickass Lois who is super protective of Chloe. It's funny and yet, it melts your heart. If you miss the Chlo-Lo bonding that the stupid show is depriving us of, go check this one out. Guaranteed to make you smile.

I hope you like these! Remember to leave feedback if you enjoy a fic. :D Have a nice rest of the week and weekend everyone! :)
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