August 15th, 2008

Wonder Woman

Now ... for a meme

snagged from sarcastic_fina

Write three facts, two quirks, and two habits about you, then tag 8 people to do it too.

Fact: I talk a lot. I know I say I'm a chatterbox but I really am. I think I can talk to anyone who is friendly, even the person sitting next to me on the flight (which I've done). I get it from my mom. :D

Fact: I am always wearing three accessories at any given time: a watch, earrings and a ring. I love rings and I have quite a few.

Fact: I love stuffed animals. My mom says I have too many but I can't bear to give any of them away.

Quirk: I always turn my blinds upwards before I go to sleep so I can't see anything outside. Yes, I'm weird but oh well. It's part of my charm. ;)

Quirk: When I write a fic, I end up planning the entire story, chapter by chapter, before I'm even a quarter of the way through. It helps me focus.

Habit: The first thing I do when I get on my computer is check my e-mail ... and then my flist. I'm addicted to LJ and I accept that.

Habit: During the school year, I can't have breakfast without taking a shower first. I have a set routine and I actually get annoyed when someone or something breaks it. :D Summer, on the other hand, I'm a whole lot more lenient. I can stay in my pajamas forever.

Not tagging anyone this time but feel free to snag! And let me know if you do. :D
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