January 19th, 2009

tom welling amused

Shahrukh Khan! :D

Well, at least for me! I was hanging around today and my friend called. She said SHAHRUKH KHAN is filming on campus! So obviously I went there and there were places blocked out and everything.

Guys, I SAW HIM! People mobbed him when he finally came out and I couldn't get close or take a picture but I DID SEE HIM! OMG! He's JUST AS CUTE in person. I even saw Karan Johar!

I saw his car drive right near the set and I was worried he would just drive off but he stopped on the side of the crowd and GOT OUT! I was in the middle and the people closest got to him first but I'm just happy I saw him!

So yes, I had to share. That made my day! :D

Keyboard Key Quiz! :)

You Are "tab"

Some people might try to say that you're always spaced out.

You do tend to be a dreamer, but you're also a great multitasker.

You work quickly and efficiently. So it's no problem if you goof off a little while you're working.

And if people want to think you're flakey, that's fine. You're getting more done than they are.

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