February 17th, 2009

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Pimping and a meme!

I know I've pimped the comm comment_fic before ... it's a community with daily themes and you can submit prompts and answer others. It's fun! But today's theme is DC/Marvel and considering most of my flist are fans of one or both, I thought you should know!

Submit some prompts, answer other people's ... it's all in good fun! If that sounds interesting, check it out!

And now for a meme:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

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More pimping and meme continued!

As you all know, iconic_cousins is having their Chlo-Lo Love Week! And yes, I'm going to continue pimping this one ... you have till Sunday night to post your stuff so go for it! Next week will begin the Chlo-Lo Love Fest.

For the fest, you submit prompts and then claim them later. Unlike the Chlo-Lo Love Week, which is centered around the relationship between the two cousins, this can be focused on one of them. Still, the no bashing rule applies.

Anyway, you can submit prompts all through Love Week HERE!

Also, thanks to scoob2222, I found out that there is a Vagina Fest '09 going on, which is devoted to female characters. Leave a prompt and you can answer other peoples. It sounds fun and it's running until Sunday, February 22nd at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time. :)

Now back to the 5 things meme, which I did here. I got 5 more things from bradygirl_12 but since I had already done 3 of them, I'm doing the final two.

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