February 21st, 2009

tom welling amused

Fic: All I Need

This is for the lovely saavikam77. It was supposed to be her one-year LJ anniversary fic but since I'm clearly made of fail, it ended up late (and that's an understatement). I'm going with the "better late than never" on this one. My sincerest apologies, Saavi ... I hope you like it anyway!

Story: All I Need
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Clark/Oliver
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warnings: slash, fluff
Spoilers: season 8
Word Count: 3,373
Summary: Ollie and Clark discuss the future.
A/N:: Thanks to boltgirl426 for being my beta and such a wonderful inspiration!

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