March 27th, 2009

clark amused

SV and a quiz!

So I did end up seeing last night's Smallville today, which was a lot sooner than I thought I'd be able to and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Anyway, I'll post my review later tonight or tomorrow, since we do have guests showing up in, like, ten minutes. :D

And now for a quiz. These are hardly ever accurate but they're still fun! I hope you all have a good weekend! :)

You Should Light a Berry Candle

You are creative yet down to earth. You have unique tastes, but you aren't snobby or picky.

You crave new experiences. You enjoy unusual things even more once you can get your friends into them.

You're the type of person who's a trend setter and an innovator. You know what's fated to become popular.

You find the world energizing and inspiring. For you, there's nothing like the thrill of discovery.