June 1st, 2009

tom welling amused

Pimping and a meme! :)

oxoniensis has opened prompting for Porn Battle VIII! It's been hosted at Dreamwidth this year, because the comment word count limit is higher. Anyway, you can always post prompts/fics with an OpenID so don't worry about not having a DW account.

All fandoms/ships (even threesomes/moresomes) are allowed. Just read the rules on formatting your prompts and you'll be good! If you're interested, check it out! :D

summerofclois has opened its June Challenges. This month, they'll be revisit s4-s5. There is a graphics challenge, a fanfic challenge, vid challenge, and a drabble challenge. There's even a S4-S5 Rewatch going on! There's something for all Clois fans so do go check it out. It'll help pass the time until SV returns. :)

Now, for a meme!

Anonymous Meme: Pick 10 people from your flist and make statements of what you would like to say to them. Don't reveal who they are.

1. Even though you occasionally disappear, I'm so grateful to have you on my flist. You make me feel less alone in fandom.
2. I think we've grown apart. That upset me at first but now, I have to say that it doesn't bother me anymore.
3. My flist is a happier place because you're on it. Your enthusiasm is contagious!
4. Sometimes, you intimidate me ... I don't know why but you do.
5. You're seriously the sweetest person ever. I am amazed by how nice you are.
6. I wonder why you friended me and I can't come up with any answers.
7. I was nervous about friending you but I'm so glad I did. Sometimes, it scares me at how much you mean to me. I get nervous about people finding out my RL info but with you, not so much.
8. I was super excited to friend you because we had so much in common but I never imagined we'd get along so well!
9. I think you're back but I'm not sure. I hope so because I missed you lots!
10. I wish you were around more. Your posts are always interested to read.
tom welling amused

Clark Meme Day 15!

Today's episode is "Nicodemus". I just felt so bad for Clark in this cap ... he was just heartbroken and I wanted to give him a hug. His dad was acting weird, shot him and then just collapsed. Though he still looks rather hot even when he's worried.