June 4th, 2009


2 More Memes!

I got these from chickadilly!

1.) Write a list of 15 possible characters.
2.) Have you friends list comment with a request for three possible drabbles with a character of their choosing.
4.) Pick one of the drabble requests and write it!
4.) Copy this meme to your own journal and have your friends list pick characters.

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Meme #2: Ask me any question about any object of my fannish obsession - be it my opinion on the canon to my thoughts on the fandom itself - and I will answer.
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Clark Meme!

So, I was watching TV earlier and since there was nothing else on, I checked out Smallville. "Identity" was airing! I was really excited and I had to watch. Yup, it's still awesome. LOL :D

Anyway, back to the Clark Meme. Today we start s2, with "Vortex", "Heat", and "Duplicity".

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