June 7th, 2009

tom welling amused

Pimping and Clark Meme continued!

oxoniensis has opened the Porn Battle VIII for submissions! There are so many prompts and pairings that I'm sure that everyone will find something they like. Since it is hosted on Dreamwidth, the word max is upped to 2750! So those of you who have issues writing drabbles now have more to work with!

It's running until Monday, June 15th, 9 PM UK time. Make sure you read the rules before you post a comment and if you want to reply to someone ele's fic, reply to the comment, not the post. If you're interested, check it out!

I found yet another friending meme.

~ everyone's at it
just another multi-fandom friending meme ~

Last but definitely not least, we continue with the Clark Meme. Today's episodes are "Skinwalker", "Visage", and "Insurgence".

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