September 8th, 2010

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day 5!

Day 5 of my Female Character Meme!

Day 5: Brooke Davis

I don't watch OTH anymore, but Brooke was definitely my favorite female character (though Haley is a close second). I love Sophia Bush and I think she's a great actress. Out all the characters, I feel that Brooke had the most growth. As the season went on, she really changed and matured. Also, she reminds me a bit of Lois, which is probably another reason I love her so much.

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sv meme! :)

Another of the alt!days for the Smallville meme.

- Character that died too soon

I would say Jimmy, but he shouldn't have died at all, so I'll go with another character that I liked, and wished had stuck around longer.

Raya, from 6.01 'Zod' and 6.06 'Fallout'. Yes, I know that it's random, but I really liked her character, and it was a shame she died at the end of 'Fallout'. I would've liked to see her in another episode.

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