September 15th, 2010


day 12

Another day of my female character meme. :D

Day 12: Alex Eames (Law & Order: CI)

I know that Bobby gets most of the attention, but Alex is still a great character. She may have her insecurities, but let's face it: Bobby wouldn't be as successful without her. There was a reason that she was the only one of his partners that worked out. Not only is she patient, she's strong, smart and knows how to handle Bobby best. They balance each other out, and she would do anything to protect those she loves. When she was given a promotion at the cost of firing Bobby, she did so (to save him of a trial), but then quit because it was clear she didn't want to work in a place that did that. CI hasn't been the same without her (and Bobby), and I have lost interest in watching.

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