September 27th, 2010

tom welling amused

day 24!

More of my 30 day meme! I found a book one to do after I finish with this one and I still have to post the Gilmore Girls one I created but I am trying to take it one meme at a time, lol. :)

Day 24: Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

I've had my fair share of problems with Chloe in the past couple of seasons, but I did really love her. I had moments of liking her in s1-3, but I think I really loved her in s4-6 and parts of s7. There were parts of s9 too, where I was reminded of how she used to be. I like her friendship with Clark, and I adore her relationship with Lois. Seeing her searching for Lois in 'Savior' made my Chlo-Lo loving heart happy, and when she went after Clark on Lois's behalf in 'Echo', I totally cheered her on. I always found Chloe the easiest character to relate to, and when it comes to writing fanfic, she's always been the easiest character for me to write. She's very smart and loyal, and I like that she had a bit of fangirl in her (e.g. 'Stiletto'). My favorite role for her is 'Watchtower', and it's fun seeing her interact with the team. Characters on Smallville never seem to get proper closure (e.g. Lana and Lex) so I'm hoping that she gets a good sendoff.

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