October 1st, 2010

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sv holiday fic exchange?

Hey everyone! So, I pimped out a holiday gift exchange recently. That was multi-fandom, but it got me thinking: has there ever been a Smallville fic exchange for the holidays? I know that there are ship centric ones, but an overall SV one?

If there isn't, would anyone be interested in having one? It's our last season and I thought it'd be fun, because I don't know what's going to happen to this fandom after the show ends.

Obviously, it'll be a lot of work and I probably can't do it alone, but I just want to see if I anyone would be interested in participating, should I decide to run one (only if someone else isn't doing one already, of course).

Any suggestions/comments/advice would be much appreciated, especially from those of you who have run this type of thing before.
lois hbic

day 28!

3 days left! I think I'll start my Gilmore Girls meme after this. Though I may have to rewatch the show, you know ... to refresh my memory. Oh, darn. ;)

Day 28: Miranda Preistly (The Devil Wears Prada)

I loved this movie and Miranda entertained me. It's probably one of my favorite roles for Meryl Streep. She was such a HBIC. Miranda was scary, knew what she wanted, and made sure everything met her standards. That's pretty kickass. At the same time, she did love her children, and was vulnerable, as shown in the Paris scene after her husband left her. Hell, she even softened somewhat for Andrea. The end, where she gave Andrea the recommendation and the little smile in the car after she saw her? Sweet.

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