January 18th, 2011

kajol smile

relief efforts

Hey everyone! I have some more comms to pimp for you.

Fandom Flood Appeal
Works Offered: fics and art (including vids, podfics, etc)
Deadline: Offers will be accepted until January 21st at 7pm AEDT (8am GMT, 3am US EST). Bidding will close on January 26th at 7pm AEDT.

A Creative Auction for Queensland Flood Recovery
Temporarily suspended due to problems but keep an eye out for this one. This is over at DW, for those of you who prefer that.

There is also major flooding going on in Brazil so there has been a new fundrasier for that as well.

A multifandom fundraiser for the floods in Brazil
Works Offered: fanart, fanfic, etc
Deadline: Bidding closes on January 31st, midnight GMT

If you missed my prior post, there are more comms HERE, some of which are still ongoing.

If you can't bid, maybe you can offer your creative talents. Make sure to spread the word too! It'd be great to see more people there, especially from Smallville fandom.