January 27th, 2011

lois/tess physical

day 3

Day 3 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme!

03. Favorite yuri/femslash pairing

I don't have that many f/f pairings but I do have a couple. I went with one that I love a lot: Lois/Tess (Smallville). And before you ask, yes I have ships outside of Smallville. They just haven't come up yet!

To be honest, I wasn't gung-ho about Tess when I first heard the news that she would be one of the new characters in s8. Her first scene in 'Odyssey' didn't change my opinion. Then I saw her with Lois and I was like, "whoa, wait a minute ... this is interesting." Like I said, I don't have many f/f ships, though I do have a lot of m/m ones but I couldn't ignore the undeniable chemistry between Erica and Cassidy.

Honestly, Tess gives off more seductive vibes towards the ladies, Lois definitely being one of her favorite targets. They're such a sexy ship and I love their dynamic- so snarky and fun. Their fight in 'Doomsday' was one of the highlights of an otherwise pathetic episode. It was like they were having sex with their clothes on. Come on, look at my icon and tell me that's not true. I love how far they've come since they first met. Tess welcoming Lois to the Watchtower at the end of 'Patriot' made me smile.

It's a shame that this ship is so unappreciated. I would love to see more LoTess fic out there.

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