January 29th, 2011

star trek captain kirk

Day 5

Another day of the 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. :D

Day 05: Favorite friendship

There are many friendships I love in Smallville alone. In other fandoms, I love Lucas & Haley (OTH), Rory & Paris (GG) and even the trio in Harry Potter. But I'm going a different route so I can have a variety of fandoms. That's why I picked Bones & Kirk from the Star Trek reboot film.

Unlike most of reboot fandom, I don't ship them. But I love their friendship. I thought they were adorable from the very first scene they had together, with Bones threatening to throw up on Kirk. I just LOL'd. They were awesome throughout the movie. I love how Bones keeping stabbing Kirk with hypos and how he sneaks him onto the Enterprise. He's a very loyal friend and I love their banter. :D

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