January 30th, 2011

rory & lorelai

day 6!

It's still Sunday for me so I made it.

Day 06: Favorite parent—child relationship

There were quite a few I could've put here, namely the Kents, but I'm still trying to go outside Smallville. So I chose a mother-daughter relationship that I love: Rory & Lorelai (Gilmore Girls). :D

I really love their relationship. They're almost like sisters and are just too adorable. Yet they also have their ups and downs, making their relationship more realistic. I understood that Lorelai wanted to be closer to her daughter than she was to her own mother but at the same time, you see that she has to draw the line sometimes. Their banter, especially in the earlier seasons, is lots of fun to watch. I still miss this show. It was made of win.

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