February 16th, 2011

tom welling amused

day 23! :)

Back to my 30 Day Meme! :D

Day 23: An unpopular pairing that you like

Hmm ... I am not sure if I have any truly "unpopular" ships. I mean, Chlollie seems to get a lot of flack but even still, I think it has enough followers. The only one that I sorta ship that I consider unpopular is Lorelai/Christopher (Gilmore Girls).

I'm a total Lorelai/Luke shipper but I have a soft spot for these two. Yes, Christopher isn't exactly the perfect person but let's face it: who is? Honestly, I think they have chemistry and they've had some fun scenes. I wasn't thrilled with their marriage in season 7 but they won me over. Luke was being an unreasonable jackass in season 6 and while I was still hoping L/L would be endgame, I was sad that they had to destroy the L/C relationship to get there.

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