March 26th, 2011

lorelai smile

day 9

It's Day 9 of my 30 Day Female Character Meme! :)

Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show

There are a few female characters I love in drama series but I went with Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls).

I absolutely adore Lorelai and if you've known me for a while, I think you've heard me gush about her before. But that won't stop me from doing it again. She's so awesome. I love how witty she is and how she snarks. It's as if she has a never ending stream of one-liners. I always LOL when she starts rambling. Not only is she a great mom, but she's such a good friend to the people around her. Lorelai is strong but she's also vulnerable. Her mother and their relationship does get to her. And yes, she makes mistakes but she learns from them. I especially love the way she loves junk food and coffee. While her bad eating habits frustrate Luke, they entertain me to no end (not to mention I really do relate).

She's definitely one of the coolest moms ever and definitely not only my favorite character on Gilmore Girls, but one of my overall favorite characters. :)

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