April 22nd, 2011


new header!

Yes, I have a new header again. Isn't it gorgeous though? I won e0wyn's offer over at help_japan and she made me a header (as well as a Clois wallpaper, which I'm using and some lovely icons). But I had to change the header right away.

It's my three favorite people and the s6 promo shots are seriously some of my favorite. Just staring at it makes me happy. :D

My Friday is off to a great start, lol. :)

10.18 'Booster' review!

It's Friday, which means there's new Smallville! NGL, I'm kind of sad because with every new episode, we get one step closer to the end. I think I need to be alone in the house when the finale airs, so I can cry, because I'm pretty sure I will. Support group anyone? LOL

Anyway, this episode looked cracktastic from the trailers and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I figured it'd be pretty awful and kept my expectations low.

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