May 19th, 2011

clark/lois kiss

day 5!

On to Day 5 of my 21 Day Smallville Music Meme!

Day 5 – Your favorite music moment on Smallville

There have been a lot of great moments, like the end of 'Bride' with the song 'Don't Take Your Love Away From Me' by Vast and Lois walking away from Clark/Doomsday taking Chloe to the Fortress. Also, I really liked the end of season 7, 'Bizarro', with Chloe burning her death certificate (though I don't remember what song was playing). However, I'm going to be biased and go with the most recent one: "Breathe Again" by Sara Bareilles during the SV finale. The wedding scene more specifically. That scene was just gorgeous. Lois just getting all emotional for a moment, because Clark wasn't there ... you can see her heart breaking. Then he showed up by her side and took her hand ... I swear, it killed me dead.

Since I can't find a vid of that scene that I can actually post here, HERE is a link for those who want to rewatch the (perfect) moment.

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