September 13th, 2012

clark/lois squishy

bingo card!

So I decided I need to try and start writing fic again, because I really do miss it, so I signed up for the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo over on DW. Here's my card!

Finding inner child Cooking – Solo Dirty / Messy Community Body language
Play Skin They're so "married" to each other & just haven't realized it Laughter Sleepover
Writing Cherished WILD CARD Graduation Skinny-dipping
New Too Cold / Hot Humor Reading to someone Earth
Toothache Performing Meteor shower / shooting stars I love you Confidence

Since it's multi fandom, maybe I'll try my hand at a few new ones! Who knows? I have until December 31st [and for anyone who wants to sign up for their own card, you have until Dec 1st to do so]. :D