January 11th, 2013

elementary holmes & watson

'elementary' thoughts

So I'm not completely caught up, as I missed last week's episode and the one that aired on Dec 6th (I watched the one that aired on Dec 13th earlier today), but I decided to watch the new episode tonight anyway so I wouldn't fall any more behind than I already am.

[my thoughts]THIS SHOW. I swear, it's going to be the death of me. Just all the feelings- Holmes, Watson's- I just can't. But I love it. And this episode was super intense too. When I realized "M" was Sebastian Moran, I may or may not have been jumping around a little bit. I mean, I know we were meant to believe it was Moriarty but I had my suspicions early on, since it just didn't feel right. You know, other than the fact I doubt they'd reveal Moriarty so soon. The texting threw me off too because I was like "is he texting his boss? Then he can't be Moriarty because hello, he's his own boss!" As well as his behavior, which in my mind, didn't fit Moriarty. Took me too long to figure it out but at least I did before the reveal so yay? LOL I am easily pleased. And I just like being right. XD

Sherlock kind of freaked me out at parts with his intensity and when he announced he was just going to torture/kill "M". JLM was great with his emotional moments- he got to me when talking about Irene, and his scene with M. Joan/LL was too, and all her conflicts and not wanting to leave were what I wanted to see as their six weeks came to an end. I like that she suddenly didn't jump into wanting to do detective work and gave the excuse that she wants to watch over him, which is reasonable considering what he's gone through. Her lying about his father ... I want to know what is going to happen there. I do hope we meet some of his family, and they do show Mycroft, even if his role has been replaced with an unseen father in the show. After all, we saw her mom and brother, which was awesome btw, so it'd only be fair!

I like how Joan has improved in her skills and how she found the cameras. I get her being upset because she wasn't warned but I'm not surprised that Sherlock has cameras all over his home. Their dynamic is still as interesting to watch as ever and him waiting impatiently with breakfast for her was cute. Everyone's dynamic is great, and I do like that they made Sherlock a fallible character. I might've mentioned that before but it's worth repeating. Him apologizing to Gregson because he thought he brought M there and the respect and bond between those two makes me happy. It's good. Even Bell and Sherlock have grown so much over the season and it's awesome too.

Anyway, I'm curious to see how this will all play out. Half of me was expecting Moran to end up dead by the end of this episode, and not by Sherlock's hand, but I guess not now. I still wouldn't be surprised if Moriarty sends someone after him later. And I'm still expecting Irene to be alive too. We will see how that goes.

So I am missing a whole bunch of things but I don't have anything intelligent to add for the moment. I am always willing to discuss in the comments so feel free to add your own thoughts!