February 16th, 2013


suits 2.15 'normandy' & elementary 1.16 'details' thoughts

So, both my shows air at the same day/same time, so I watch one live and I watch the other one on the OnDemand, and now that I've seen the new episodes for both, I figured I'd just make one post to share my thoughts. :)

Elementary's first! [may include spoilers from past episodes] This show. This. show. THIS SHOW. Oh, I'm sorry, were you expecting something well thought out and calmly written? Whoops, you came to the wrong place. I have all the feelings. And this show is to blame for most of the ones I have toward fictional characters these days. I love everyone. I love Holmes & Watson. Also, can Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller have any more chemistry? I both love it and can't handle it at the same time. I swear, I never expecte to ship them as much as I do. I love their friendship but the scene where he tells her how important she is to him. You know, this one (Link leads to a Tumblr gif set) I was 500% done.

I love all the characters on this show, from Holmes to Watson to Gregson to Detective Bell. All the relationships are so much fun too! I never would've expected to enjoy the Holmes & Bell one as much as I do. Marcus Bell is awesome and I love that we got an episode dedicated to him. I was just recently thinking that I want to see more of Gregson and Bell recently. It was interesting finding out Bell's backstory, and I am happy that Bell's brother wasn't to blame, and that he pulled through. Their scenes were also nice. I also like that Holmes clearly includes Bell as a member of his family and goes to lengths to protect him. Oh, you two. You've come so far!

So has Watson. I like seeing her develop her own skills, and how she figured out that Bell was the one who gave the police the anonymous tip on the planted evidence. She's really gotten better, and it will go a long way in the future. They've really established Holmes and Watson as partners and equals, and it's obvious that there is a mutual respect, which has been shown in past episodes too. Holmes has not been shy with the compliments.

I was wondering how they were going to deal with Watson's lying, but the way they handled it was perfect. Sherlock finding out, not getting upset, and them handling it in a mature fashion was win. And yay for Watson staying! I love that they have created a realistic way for them to be together, then developed their relationship to the point where she'll want to stay. Good job, show, good job. Can't wait for next week!

And next up, is Suits! I'm so sad there's only one episode left in the season. I need more! [spoilers & thoughts this way] This show also messes with my head and heart. I really am enjoying this season and I'm not ready for it to be over yet! The main cast is wonderful and who knew I would love Louis as much as I do? I mean seriously, if you told me in the Pilot that he would end up being one of my favorites, I would've told you that you're crazy and yet here we are.

Can I start off by staying my heart broke for poor Rachel? I mean, really. I was wondering how it would be possible for her to go to Harvard and stay on the show, and her being rejected was always a possibility, but still. Sucks. I went through the admissions process for law school, but my LSAT was a few points lower than hers and I didn't wait all those years/retake the test over and over, and I applied to more than one school. Still, getting rejected from your dream school sucks and I just really wanted to give her a hug. I love Louis playing the knight in shining armor and going off to see Sheila because he thought she was wronged. Also, I like that she wasn't wronged. I like that they didn't make Sheila some unprofessional woman who let her feelings overtake her job. The fact of the matter is that Harvard is a very competitive school and even the most eligible candidates can get rejected. Which is why I'm torn on what Louis told Rachel, how he lied to her about the reason she didn't get in I get that he wanted her not to feel like she wasn't good enough, and that's sweet, but still. It might backfire.

And Scotty's back. I have mixed feelings on her- on one hand, I think she and Harvey are funny when they're bantering but I don't ship it so I don't really care to see them any scenes of them in a romantic sense. Even Harvey and Zoe are better than these two. This season has really showed Harvey in a lot of ups and downs, with him being on the wrong side of things as much or even more often than he is doing what's right. I find that interesting and that is something I've probably said before but it's worth repeating.

The ladies of Pearson are still badasses. I vote Jessica and Donna take over the world together. Speaking of Donna, not enough Donna! I think (and hope) this is a one time deal, only because they wanted to showcase Katrina. I liked Katrina last week, wasn't fond of her conniving tactics this week and blatant disrespect to Rachel (and was actually convinced she was working for Hardman at some point), but at the same time, I hate when Mike comes off so judgmental. He seems to keep forgetting that he was the former pot-user who took other people's tests for them and isn't actually a lawyer in this picture. Not saying that I don't love him- I do- but sometimes, he can be a bit much. I think it is cute that he's all bitter that he doesn't get to be in Harvey's favor. It's almost like he was pissed because he gets to save the day and give Harvey the vital info and Katrina beat him to it by stealing his idea. Him and Rachel teaming up again was hilarious and his expression when she blew in his ear? Hilarious!

Mike and Rachel were one of my first ships in the Pilot, and I'm a little tired of the back and forth, and pointless drama but I do enjoy some of their scenes, when they're bantering/teaming up. All the dynamics are really fun- Harvey & Jessica, Harvey & Louis, Harvey & Mike, Mike & Rachel, Harvey & Donna, Rachel & Donna (which I need more of. Donna being sympathetic and the first one in the know was sweet), Rachel & Louis. All great. The women definitely need to interact more. Rachel's awkwardness with Jessica last week was funny, just like her bagel scene with Harvey.

Hardman's face when he saw that his name was gone and and the three of them all smug behind him? Probably one of my favorite scenes. I couldn't stop laughing. I know I'm skipping back and forth but I don't know how to do a concise, beginning to end of the show type of post-episode review so I just splatter all my random thoughts and hope it makes sense. I am probably missing a lot but it's okay.

Anyway, good episode. Can't wait for the season finale, and I hope Mike doesn't do anything stupid.

That's all from me. If you have any thoughts about either show, feel free to share them! I love hearing what you guys thought too.